Four ways to have fun with phone scammers

Your phone rings, it’s a local area code, so you answer it. Oh bummer, it’s some jerk trying to rip you off, sometimes it’s not even a human. Yeah, you could get mad and hang up, but why not have some fun? Remember, they called you, so whatever you do, they asked for it. ByContinue reading “Four ways to have fun with phone scammers”

4 paragraphs of good advice or maybe not

Outsider art and primitive art share a common trait, they are made with limited resources. These limits may be raw materials, knowledge, or adverse conditions. In spite of these obstacles, these works of art have a spontaneous energy and immediate appeal. The intellectual lurks inside the emotional. As artists we strive to improve. We practiceContinue reading “4 paragraphs of good advice or maybe not”

The ‘dad rock’ demographic

My band, The Miller Brothers, plays tonight at Territorial Vineyards wine bar in the Whitaker Neighborhood of Eugene. We’ve played there the first Friday of every month for the last seven years. Our audience includes educated professionals, empty-nesters, divorced, and retired people. they are getting older but still active. They want to go out andContinue reading “The ‘dad rock’ demographic”